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FINANCIER$ is not your usual non-caring lender, let me give you an example.

The Big Banks turn down between 40-60% of all loan applicants.

The typical real mortgage company will turn down about 25%.

FINANCIER$ typically only has between 1-3 turn downs a year.  Not 1-3%, but 1-3 people in a given year and usually it is due to something like loss of job, sudden health issues, etc.  We don’t give up!!

Buying or building a house ought to be fun & exciting and we don’t think the financing should get in the way of all that fun. 

We’ve found that if you understand some of the complexities of a mortgage loan it will help you greatly increase your odds of a loan approval, could possibly reduce your interest rate & will make your loan approval be simpler with fewer approval conditions.  Plus you’ll sleep better at night!

Unfortunately now the Mortgage rules & regulations aren’t always logical or straight forward which means you can inadvertently do the wrong things by doing what seems to be the right thing and this can make your approval tougher.  So in these pages I’m going to attempt to help you understand not only WHAT the rules are, but also WHY they are that way.  Then I’ll also help you understand HOW you can improve your situation & help us secure you the mortgage you deserve.

FINANCIER$ is a different type of mortgage company.  It’s one where real, live people answer the phones and you don’t have to go through multiple levels of phone prompts just to find out that you are still going to have to leave a message & pray someone calls you back.

We also don’t just work banker’s hours.  We work when you need us which means you could probably call us right now and reach a real live person.  We definitely work evenings, week ends & holidays.   (We’re not so good at very early mornings.

Dallas (972) 644-8244 

Fort Worth (817) 204-0028

While we are located in the Fort Worth area we can do mortgages all over the state of Texas.

F$ is a company where you can ask questions and expect to get studied & researched answers.  As a matter of fact you could almost consider this website as a college level course in real estate & financing.  In “The Basics” section we carry you step by step through a transaction & tell you things no one else will.

F$ is a company that will also help you plan for tomorrow, if that’s what you need.  Most lenders will only talk to you if you’re ready to buy right this very second.

Rules, regulations and laws have changed considerably since The Great Recession.  But since politicians made the changes without any knowledge of how the old system worked and all the changes were for a political purposes, the new laws don’t always make sense.  The politicians were more concerned with garnering votes rather than actually improving the system. We’ll help you make sense of all the new rules and understand how they affect you.

You’re going to love one of the new rules!!! (I am being sarcastic)  Because one of the new laws says that a mortgage company is now prohibited from asking or implying they need certain information from you until you make an official loan application.  The effect of that law is that it means you can’t learn how much loan you can qualify for or be pre-approved unless you know to volunteer information & documentation.  How would you know to do that?!?

And when I say law I mean a Big Bad law that has penalties of up to a $50,000,000 fine and years in prison type of LAW!!  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has even hired extra testers just to be sure we don’t violate this law.   You definitely need to read the next page entitled READ ME! That is if you’re serious about finding out how much home you can afford.

On this website I try to take you through the typical real estate transaction step by step from the beginning to the end so that you’ll feel comfortable with the process and have an understanding of what it takes to get from Point A to Point Z.   We’ll tell you things you couldn’t learn any other way.

But first let’s talk about some things that don’t fit in a step by step narrative.

#1 Your Lender’s reputation within the industry matters to you!

FINANCIER$ is a Top Tier Lender which means our mortgages perform in the Top 10% nationwide.  We think that’s mostly because we actually still talk to all our customers and spend time helping them understand how the system works and why it works that way. When people know how things work, what’s expected from them and what the ramifications are, they tend to do the right thing.

Because we’ve proven ourselves to be better than the rest we get loan programs and expanded underwriting guidelines that many of the other Lenders don’t get.

Let me give you a couple of examples that are effective as of 5/21/2017:

(since mortgage programs & guidelines change often we can’t guarantee these exact same options are available when you read this, so call us, but they are used to illustrate the point that we can make things easier for you and we can offer you options “regular” lenders, regardless of their size, may not be able to offer you.)

  1. 1)Most Lenders require their customers to have a 620-640 score for FHA/VA/USDA loans.  Our normal credit score required is only 580.

    While some other Lenders can do a loan at a 580 score, for them it’s a non-standard loan with non-standard interest rates and non-standard underwriting.  For us it’s our normal loan with normal conditions.  See, our reputation and work ethic directly benefits you!

  1. 2)A (very) few Lenders can offer you a 95% LTV Jumbo loan, but with them it’s a specialty product with non-standard interest rates and non-standard underwriting.  We can offer you a 95% Jumbo loan at regular rates and regular underwriting standards.  Once again our reputation and work ethic directly benefits you!

These are only a couple of examples of how working with FINANCIER$ can make your home purchase easier.

Here’s another way you benefit or are hurt by your Lender’s reputation in the industry.  When your loan file is submitted, if an underwriter expects a properly processed and documented loan file from your Lender then they will approach every file from that Lender with an open mind. But if all they’ve ever gotten from that Lender is poorly processed loans with gaping holes in the story line then they approach every file from that Lender with trepidation and this means your loan might be doomed before it ever has a chance as they pull out the magnifying glass to go over every detail of your life.

Our reputation and performance record helps give you an edge in underwriting and also allows us to offer a much wider variety of loan products than most lenders, even some of the very biggest!  This simply means we can offer you loans that other Lenders can’t!

#2 We’re the do it right the first time guys!

A lot of people are sent to us after they’ve been turned down by other lenders.  Experience has shown us that we can get 80%-90% of these people approved & do it using the very same loan programs at the same interest rate & terms.  Quite simply we just plain work harder than the other guys.

This just tells us those people shouldn’t have
been turned down in the first place!

#3 A recent study showed that 79% of real estate Buyers wanted all the detailed information they could get about homes, neighborhoods and financing.  My guess it’s because real estate is such a major decision and since so much $$$ is involved people want enough information to be sure they’re not making a misteak.   Whoops, I meant mistake.

So that’s how we designed our website & how we work our business.

You’re people.  We’re people . . . so let’s talk.  

Computers and technology are great and we don’t shun either, but buying or selling a home is too important to leave everything to a few clicks and then praying for the best. All that will get you is a quick turn down.   There’s no Rocket to a faster loan approval since under the law all lenders have the exact same loan processing requirements so you might as well get the best service.

As a matter of fact, you are going to find that mortgages & real estate in general demand a human presence and really can’t be done well totally online.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot can be done online, but in real estate online works best as an educational tool or a delivery system of information needed by a human.

Here’s a good way you can use the internet to your benefit!

Join the Best-O-Plex Facebook Group where you will find Realtors, For Sale By Owners, Title Companies, Home Inspectors, and just about anyone you could ever need in the purchase or sale of your home.  People post daily with new information and you can ask any questions you might have or even look for a home or service in a certain area or price range.  You can even post information about a home you have for sale. 

Facebook Groups is FB’s answer to Craigslist, Ebay & MLS.  This Group is called the Best-O-Plex all Real Estate Services.  “The West of the Plex is the Best of the Plex! and this Group is for anyone living or buying in the western side of the DFW Metroplex.  You can see a map of their coverage area on the cover page.

So let’s sit down and talk.

You won’t be hurried or rushed - no pressure - just people talking about what you are trying to do. We try to explain things thoroughly to you so that you understand and can make informed decisions as to which path is the most appropriate for you.

While we can do most things online, by phone or fax, we prefer to meet up with you at least one time to just sit and talk about what you are trying to do and answer any questions you have.  We’ve found that if we can help you understand the whole process it not only allows you to help us do a better job for you, but it also eliminates many of your fears. And since we’ll give you our after hours contact information it’s in our best interests to make you feel comfortable with us and the whole loan process or we’d never get to eat a dinner uninterrupted.

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